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Having a coach and mentor at any stage of your life or career can be very rewarding, brings clarity and gets you the results you desire.

Peter Griffiths is Creative Business Coach, facilitator and speaker working with people and organisations from a wide range of backgrounds. 

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A Peak into my Mind


My journey so far

I spent the last two decades working as a people manager for internet and technology companies, where I learned a lot about how humans can leverage their innate capabilities and benefit from the ever-changing opportunities that present themselves. This awareness enabled me to get the best out of people.  I love sharing my experience and pointing people towards their superpowers. We all have innate powers, such as creativity, feeling emotion and reasoning to name a few.  
These powers are always at our disposal, to draw upon when needed, making us irreplaceable by Automation or AI and therefore keep these skills in demand for decades to come

In parallel, I had a career in the music industry, as a DJ/Producer of electronic music and I was blessed to travel the world and play at some of the best clubs and festivals, such as the Creamfields Festival in Abu Dhabi Glastonbury, UK and renownd clubs such as ‘Egg’ in London.   Now, I mostly create  music just for fun, in my home studio, however I do still accept the odd project once in a while, if it lights me up. My main connection to the creative process these days is helping others reaching their creative potential. 

Having such diverse careers at the same time helped me to understand the views of two very different worlds, one very corporate and one very creative.  The surprising thing is when you combine the two you can get some pretty amazing results.  Bringing my creative side into a work context gave me a massive amount of leverage, with regards to problem solving and people management.  The structure and discipline I was exposed to, working for large organizations, gave me advantages when it came to navigating the highly competitive and rapidly changing landscape of the music industry.  

Change of direction with the Mind Takeaway

We will help you to remove what is standing between your life now and the life you want




I feel blessed that I share the same set of values with my wife Mira, which inspired us to create the Mind Takeaway, a coaching project brought forth from our desire and passion to help as many people as we can to remove what stands between the life they want to live and the life they are living.

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"I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring." — David Bowie

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What People Say

Matthew Orange, Implementation Specialist

“I always used to make excuses "can't do this or that because xyz". Truth was I was scared to take chances or trust in others, Peter helped me realise that I already had everything i needed to succeed, so I wasn't really ever taking a chance”

Felix Krassakis, Writer

"Every minute spent coaching with Peter is priceless and one of the most important realisations for me was that it is not important to know how everything is done, but just to do it regardless. Through his approach I was able to regain confidence and courage which, until I met Peter, thought I had lost for good."

Marlena o'Donnell, Clairty Coach

"Peter has an amazing ability to get to the core of things and gently guide me back to the place of clarity and understanding. He creates a space of real connection where I can be totally in touch with who I am and enjoy seeing things for what they really are."

Do you get stuck in your own thinking?  

Is it hard to focus on what you want?

Do you wonder why sometimes you can go round and round in circles with the same habitual thinking?

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